Thema: Creatine Improves Running?

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venela - 17/5/2009 um 15:36

Well I know its a bit sketchy, and yes I too can run for a good amount of time and not feel much or any lactic acid. Creatine has always given me a "kick", not really explosive power or anything but slight energy. It feels like im "awake", if anything it does help with recovery. I know if I run/weightlift pretty heavily without creatine it takes me much longer to recover and I feel sore longer. Either way I'd rather not lose muscle mass so I take it anyways. Raccoonstarsmember I heard the exact opposite, I heard running is really great for helping you get ripped. Its the main reason I wanted to get better at running as well. I mean if you think about it, it makes sense. If you lift regularly you will gain muscle mass, if you run it makes you lean. So if you can maintain muscle mass but still manage to get lean then it would lead to getting ripped. Thats the way I see it. I read an article on some huge body builders and they said they ran 3 times a week to get ripped.

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