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Stores that guarantee the lowest prices often don't want you to shop around. DW Auto and Home Mobility's Scooter and Wheelchair store, want you to shop around and challenge you to find cheaper prices.

We are sure that it isnt possible. In fact, our prices are lower than many dealer prices from the manufacturer. As a top dealer in the country, we get the best manufacturer prices and pass those prices to our

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your purchase. We want you to be happy with your new product so we encourage you to contact us to make sure the product you want is right for you. We can also cross-reference your aplication with the

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power wheelchair

frank lampard - 2/6/2009 um 12:03

Tips on Buying Power wheelchairs
When it comes to buying power wheelchairs (also known as electric wheelchairs)
there are several options to choose from. Consumers always consider between
travel, center wheel drive, folding and heavy duty power chairs. Several
factors must be considered to determine the type of motorized wheelchair that
will meet individual consumer needs.
When buying a wheelchair consumers must consider the following:

1. How much do you weigh and what is the weight capacity of the wheelchair
you will be buying?When buying a power chair it is not advisable to buy one with a 300lb
capacity if you weigh 300lbs or your weight is very close to 300lbs. For
example, if you weigh 200lbs, a 250lb or 300lb weight capacity wheelchair
could be appropriate for you. Based on your weight you can choose between a
standard or a heavy duty power chair.

2. Where do you plan on using the electric wheelchair? Consider whether you will be using it indoors, outdoors or both. There are
several power wheelchairs available for indoor and outdoor use. Typically,
most are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. How often do you plan on transporting the wheelchair?If transporting your new chair is important to you, it will be in your best
interest to consider between a foldable or travel motorized wheelchair. For
instance, Merits EZ Go and Pride's Go Chair weighs the least and is
appropriate for those concerned about transportation.

4. What seat size will be more comfortable for you?Seat width goes a long way in determining how comfortable you will be in your
new wheelchair. It is of utmost importance that you use a measuring guide
when buying a power wheelchair or scooter.
The following are tips consumers should consider when buying a power
wheelchair. Buying a power wheelchair is a big investment and given the cost
of these equipment, it is important for consumers to ensure they purchase the
right equipment to avoid hassles and unwarranted restocking fees.

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